* Treehouse #People – Tony Newton

Tony Newton is a strategic advisor/consultant for the pharma and biotech industries. He specializes in and enjoys working with young companies that have exciting new technologies, where he can help accelerate early market adoption.

Currently, he provides commercial development expertise to two companies, Mission Bio, and Natera. Mission Bio is developing a method for analyzing individual cancer cells using DNA sequencing, in order to understand how the development of resistant clones can allow recurrence of cancer. Natera is using DNA sequencing to identify early recurrence of cancer by identifying very low levels of circulating tumor DNA in a patient’s bloodstream. Each of these technologies is of potential interest to biotech and pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials and developing new cancer therapies.

Tony has a varied business, product development, and marketing background from both large and small biotech companies, including Personal Genome Diagnostics, a Baltimore based start up; and Genzyme, where he spent 19 years in multiple leadership roles.

Tony was born and educated in the UK and had an early career in medical laboratories before transitioning into industry. He and his family moved to the US (Boxborough) in 1992.

Tony has a DMS, Business, from Anglia Ruskin University (UK), and an MS in Applied Immunology from Brunel University London. He received his FIMLS (BS) from City of Westminster College (UK). Drawing on his own background and experience, Tony enjoys helping others who are seeking or transitioning to jobs in the biotech arena.

Outside the world of science and business, Tony is a member of the Boxborough District Minutemen Company. Founded in 1967, the organization aims to educate the public about the Minutemen and the history surrounding the Revolutionary War, as well as to support ongoing interest in our nation’s heritage, and promote good citizenship. The group participates in historical commemorative events, including the annual reenactment of the April 19, 1775 Minuteman march to the Battle of Concord. Tony encourages those interested in taking part to contact him or visit their website; they are currently seeking new members.

Although Tony enjoys re-enacting the capers of the Minutemen, he does not enjoy capers when they are in the form of food.

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