* Events

Treehouse events come in multiple distinct flavors:

  • Treehouse Terve – For Treehouse members. Our online communities where we keep the conversation going between in-person events. “Terve” is the Finnish word for “health” which also translates to “hello” in colloquial speech.
  • Treehouse Table – For Treehouse members and prospective members. A meal (typically lunch) with about a dozen people. Forge more meaningful connections, share experience and passions, discover unexpected opportunities. Informal atmosphere, engaging conversation, free food/drink. You become a Treehouse member by attending a Treehouse Table event.
  • Treehouse TIMEOUT – For Treehouse members and prospective members. A social event with several dozen people. No agenda, crazy fun, free food/drink.
  • Treehouse Talk – For Treehouse members, prospective members, and the public. A group discussion on an impactful topic, moderated by one/more Treehouse members, with several dozen people. Thought provoking, free food/drink.

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