* Impact

These are some of the causes, projects, and topics that Treehouse has helped to amplify.




  • Treehouse #43 – Group storytelling: “Love And Compassion,” inspired by the mission of Acton-based Jhamtse Gatsal (http://jhamtsegatsal.org/), in conjunction with Fugitive Productions (http://www.fugitiveproductions.com/previous-fugitive-stories-events).
  • Treehouse #40 – Group discussion: “USA – Still the Land of Immigrants?” moderated by immigration attorney Monique Kornfeld (https://www.linkedin.com/in/moniquekornfeld/). Discussing (apolitically) the advantages of immigration, the current legal framework for foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to the US, and how the policies of the current administration have eroded our commitment to immigrants. Plus what mere mortals can do to help! Again, not a political discussion, a humanitarian one.


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