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Top 11 things to do after hearing about Treehouse.

After people first hear about Treehouse, they often ask, “Now what?” Good question. Here’s an attempt at an answer.

1. Know that you are in the minority. According to Adam Grant (author of the book “Give & Take”), fewer than 20% of people have the reciprocity style of a giver. And of givers nominated for membership in Treehouse, fewer than 10% join. Which means that fewer than 2% of Treehouse candidates become Treehouse members!

2. Attend an event. You become a Treehouse member by attending a Treehouse event. You are, of course, free to come only once, but most folks return for more. And while Treehouse works best in person, it works pretty darn well virtually. We have 1-2 events per month. Event invites are emailed via Mailchimp. Please set your email filters so that mail from “info@treehouse.red” gets past your s-p-a-m filters! Subscribe here:

* Subscribe

3. Ask for help. At a typical Treehouse event, everyone gets a chance to talk, responding to an icebreaker question and sometimes a topic-specific question (for events with a pre-defined topic). Also, each person says what their “ask” is. Givers are not necessarily good at asking for help. But since Treehouse members are givers, you are far more likely to get help (whether personal or professional) from Treehouse than from any other networking group. Ask for anything, personal or professional. People have asked for a housecleaner, a job, cancer treatment, and a mother figure.

4. Ask for help online. You can ask for help at events or online. Please join our private groups, where we give and take, ask and answer:

* Treehouse Boston PRIVATE Group – LinkedIn

* Treehouse Boston PRIVATE Group – Google Groups

5. Offer to help. With or without prompting, offer to help other Treehouse members. Solve problems, connect dots, answer questions. You’re a giver, it’s what you do naturally. And you can help at events or online (see links above).

6. Share your wins. Did you get a job from Treehouse? Did you help someone get a job? Did you get a client from Treehouse? Did you help someone get a client? Whatever results, share your success stories with us!

7. Nominate more givers. Treehouse members are curated via a proprietary, trade secret process. Treehouse members also come from your nominations. Here are some tips for finding and nominating givers:

* How To Find/Nominate Givers For Treehouse (2019-12-16)

* Nominate

8. Tag yourself on Facebook. It’s a good way to spread the word about Treehouse!

* Treehouse Pics – Facebook

9. Add Treehouse to LinkedIn as a “job” with “Member” as your title. Another good way to spread the word about Treehouse!

* Treehouse PUBLIC Group – LinkedIn

10. Consider sponsoring. All events (including food and drink) are paid for by sponsors. Sponsors demonstrate the “give first” mentality that is central to Treehouse.

* Sponsor

11. Lather, rinse, repeat. There are lots of resources for learning more about Treehouse, including our infographic, website, and blog posts like this one.

* Treehouse Website

* Infographic
Why prospective members should join, why current members should return, and why sponsors should sponsor.

I joke around that I have one good idea per decade. I’m pretty sure that Treehouse is it. I hope that you will make Treehouse a part of your daily routine. After all, Treehouse is not me, it’s collectively all of us!

Erik J. Heels
Treehouse Member

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