* Treehouse #People – Phil Posner

Recovering attorney Phil Posner is a consultant for Dvinci Energy, a company that focuses on renewable energy technologies and Photovoltaic (solar) installations.

“I am transitioning my career as an encore to my long-time law practice. The time for taking action to promote renewable energy, more efficient transportation options, and a sustainable, resilient America is right now” says Phil.

Since Phil’s law practice focused, in part, on grass-roots level environmental matters, this is a logical next step for an attorney who is passionate about the health and well-being of the planet and the people who live on it. Phil’s perspective as a litigator, his knowledge of real estate and land use law, and his enjoyment of practical problem solving has greatly enhanced his work with Dvinci Energy and its customers.

Phil is also an avid cyclist. As a past volunteer and board member of MassBike, a statewide Massachusetts non-profit organization, Phil helped promote and advocate bicycling for fun, fitness, and transportation. He is currently helping to organize a town bicycling committee for Concord, MA, and is an active member of West Concord’s own ‘Monsters in the Basement’ cycling club.

A cum laude graduate of Suffolk University Law School, Phil also has an Environmental Citizenship Program certificate from Tufts University. Phil earned his B.A. (magna cum laude) from the State University of New York at Buffalo, where he was a Phi Beta Kappa member.

Phil’s Treehouse ASK is for more opportunities to meet one-on-one and network with Treehouse folks. If you network with Phil, it’s not likely that you will meet up at ‘Mickey Ds’, since Phil’s least favorite type of food is fast food. Less fast, but also not a favorite of Phil’s, is pickled watermelon rind.

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