* Treehouse #People – Dennis Boyle

Dennis Boyle is an executive strategist and advisor at Sales Xceleration, an organization that helps businesses enhance their sales growth with outsourced executive services and commercial products. Dennis leverages his expertise in strategic management and fractional sales and marketing to help advance client organizations and maximize their sales growth.

Dennis recommends four secrets to living one’s best life: “Be faithful; don’t be idiots — be good to each other; give back (especially to veterans); and never stop being (truly) alive.” Not surprisingly, a top book on his list is Random Acts of Kindness.

One of the ways Dennis lives each of these life tenets is through his volunteer work as Managing Director of Helping Hands Community Garden. Throughout the summer and fall, this organization helps support economically challenged local families with fresh produce.

Dennis is also an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire, where he teaches Business Etiquette and Ethics for the New Business Professional, within the Business in Practice (BIP) group.

A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, Dennis has a Master’s in Business Education and a Master’s in Business Administration and Management. He received his BA in Economics from Middlebury College. Dennis also has a number of additional certifications, including a CSL in Sales Leadership, a certificate in Business Ethics and Etiquette fro the Emily Post Institute, and a graduate certificate in Negotiation from the Center for Management Research at Harvard Law.

Dennis is a firm believer in giving back to the community. He would also give back any stuffed cabbage offered him, as that is his least favorite food.

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